Filipino Martial Arts School is now in
Orange County

Mandirigma (Warrior) Class

This program is for students who are 13 years or older.  Set more to an adult themed where possible real world scenarios are discussed and then worked on while learning the curriculum.  Students will learn the following techniques

  • Single and Double Stick
  • Bladed Weapons (Swords)
  • Short Blade (Knives)
  • BangKaw (Long Staff)
  • Lubid (Rope)
  • Weapons of Opportunity (Improvised tools for self defense)
  • Empty Hands Technique

Due to Popular Demand we are no in Orange County

We meet every other Saturday at a local park somewhere in Orange County, until we can find a permanent home.  But the formula that made Filipino Martial Arts School so successful is exactly the same from Riverside County Chapter.  Guro Francis will be personally teaching you and will get the type of perfectionist persona that he is known for.

The Little Lapulapu Club

The Little Lapulapu Club is for our youngest of warriors, ages 6-12 years old
Your child will not only learn Filipino Martial Arts, but the discipline, self worth and respect that is synonymous with the Filipino culture.

  • Single & Double Stick
  • Improvised tools
  • Self Defense Techniques