The premiere Filipino Martial Arts School in Riverside County.



FMA is an efficient style of fighting. Why take 10 moves to stop your
opponent when it can be done in 2. Once you start to practice FMA the instructor will focus on
teaching you how to efficiently and effectively take care of anyone who dares to stand against


By combining theories and practice we encourage (although not require)
each student to compete in local and international tournaments to better prepare the fighter. The
training is hard, but its time to silence the quitter inside of you.


In today world there are many evil people out there ready to take
advantage of you and your loved ones. The goal of FMASCHOOL is for YOU to come home
safe and sound, and we make NO APOLOGIES in attaining that goal.

What our customers say?

‘ve practiced martial arts in some form or another for well over a decade, including eight and a half years on active duty with the Marine Corps. I’ve studied several martial disciplines — everything from the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program and Krav Maga to Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

What I’ve learned as a part of this small, talented group has amounted to some of the best martial training I’ve ever received.

Training in Krav Maga and MCMAP was a lot like “trade school.” You’re given a set of easily learned, very general self defense techniques and are sent off after as little as three months with all of the fundamental skills the instructor feels you require to defend yourself in a wide variety of street scenarios.

Training in Eskrima under the system Guro Francis Serrano and the other guros in Visayan Legacy have developed is much more like studying theory. Belt testing tests your understanding of the rationale behind the techniques as much as your mastery of them. This gives you a crucial bit of flexibility in street situations. They won’t just teach you how to fight like a martial artist — they’ll teach you how to *think* like one, too. From the beginning, you learn foundational techniques — the “abecedario” — and have opportunities to interpret the movement in a way that works with your individual body mechanics, physical capabilities, and approach to combat. That fundamental difference has made me a much better “martial artist” if ever I was one.

That’s it then. If you want colorful belts, head on over to your local McDojo. If you want to win fights, come train with us.

Excellent martial arts school with a great instructor and realistic training! A well equipped facility

FMA school was an awesome experience for me, I really liked how  Guro Francis would keep his classes small so he could assist you one on one. I highly recommend joining Guro Francis class you will definitely learn a lot of skills on the art but as well as the history that is behind it.

Great school for anyone who want to learn Filipino Martial Arts.  Not only you learn about the history of this art, but also learn how you can defend for yourself and your families.  Guro Francis Serrano is an excellent instructor that not only teaches the fundamentals of FMA, but also treats like a brother to his students.

FMA School is a great place to learn everything about Filipino Martial Arts and Filipino Culture, from basic stick work, all the way to Filipino culture (including delicious Filipino food). Guro Francis is an excellent teacher. Instead of making you do a certain technique over and over again without an explanation, he actually gives you the philosophy behind the technique. I’ve only been with FMA School a little over a year, but I’ve learned so much more compared to the years I spent in Karate when I was younger. A warning though: this school is not for people who simply want a black belt. It’s a school for people who want to learn how to defend themselves and their families.

Practical training for beginners & experienced martial artists alike. Great camraderie and strong instruction with the resource and support of an internationally respected organization. Curriculum blends proven techniques with effective teaching.

My kids love the program and my teenager does great in the Beginner class as well. Very friendly group and very good with kids.

Love the art form its fun awesome group of guys always looking forward to learning new techniques

Guro Francis’ precise and engaging way of teaching makes you want to learn more. The classes itself are filled with a diverse group of dedicated people who know how to push themselves, not only because they aspire to rise to the challenge, but because they truly enjoy the craft.

FMA with Guro Francis was just what my 13 year old son needed to gain street smarts ,
discipline, stand up for himself ,strength of body and self confidence.
Not only has he grown in the last year, he loves his classes, lost weight, but also gained another family.
Everyone in this group are stable upstanding people from different ages and walks of life.
Lots of social gatherings as well that my son loves ( Korean Barbecue:-)
This is going to be a part of my sons life , hopefully for a very long time .
One of the best decisions I ever made for my son.
Grow stronger
Grow Faster
Compete with others
Improve your health